A downloadable game for Windows and Android

In a future where a dry toxic wasteland is all that is, a single drop of pure water is all the hope that remains to bring balance and cleanness to the earth.

His name is Drop, Max Drop.

Made for the Santo Domingo HUB Hackathon Game Jam 2015, where the primary goal was to make a water conservation themed game in only 3 Days.

Thanks for downloading this demo, we hope that you liked it and it would help us a lot if you send any feed back or comments to info@morostudio.net.

Have Fun!

Install instructions

1- Unzip the .rar file.

2- Double Click on the .exe file.

3- Select the resolution and screen size.

4- Click Play.

5- Have Fun :D


The Last Drop Demo.rar 59 MB
The Last Drop Demo Android.apk 72 MB


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Great job guys! regards from los kilometros de la independencia